Washing and drying system for thermal insulation containers


Created for a leading company in the FMCG industry.


Acceleration of processes while reducing the level of generated costs.


Launching an automated system to improve performance, including: the Fanuc robot.


Reducing the time of washing and drying containers, reducing the space needed for this and minimizing energy consumption.

Implementation details

Our client uses insulated containers to transport fresh and frozen products – from warehouses – straight to points of sale. Until now, the efficiency of its distribution centre has been limited by the need to prepare previously used containers for reuse.

The developed by us robotic washing and drying line enabled a significant shortening of the entire process and also contributed to additional benefits visible in the reduction of the space occupied by the containers and the energy needed for their processing.

We used a contamination detection system, which makes the system identify their type and on this basis selects the optimal cleaning parameters. In this way, energy and water consumption is reduced (by selecting only dirty containers for the process).

In turn, the use of the Fanuc robot (for drying containers) significantly reduces the time and increases the accuracy of the drying itself. It has been adapted to difficult conditions – high humidity and low temperatures.

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