Programming PLC controllersChoose an efficient control system, tailored to your standards that will provide your company with continuous growth and securityPROGRAMMING

We offer our proprietary programming code , thanks to which you will gain reliability, extended diagnostic functions, simplicity of maintenance and analysis, as well as quick and trouble-free expansion of control systems.

Open communication with clients allows to understand the expected and present conditions of production, adjust the proposed solutions to the needs and applicable standards.

PLC Programming: how will working with SAICON improve your business?

We have experience in programming PLC controllers from leading manufacturers: SIEMENS, ALLEN BRADLEY, BECKHOFF, OMRON, B&R.

We create our own software standards, while ensuring that it is perfectly documented. Thanks to this, you will receive from us the code documentation that will enable you to analyse it easily. We can also create software that complies with your internal standards.

A well-built program will provide you with extended diagnostic functions, operational reliability, as well as simplicity of maintenance and further development of the system. The product you will receive will be intuitive and friendly to your maintenance staff.
Let's carry out your project together!

PLC programmingProduction line software

What will you get as part of our services?


We provide solutions in any language and tailored to the needs of recipients.
Built from scratch or modified existing ones.

Full compliance with current standards

The programming languages we use comply with the key IEC 61131 standard (LD, FBD, SFC, ST, IL).

Integration with leading suppliers

We program and implement automation systems based on the solutions of all key automation manufacturers: Siemens, Allen Bradley, Beckhoff, Mitsubishi, Omron.

Modern trends and current practices

Our team consists of qualified specialists who easily cope with the implementation of distributed systems, thanks to which the ongoing service and removal of failures becomes easier.

PLC programming:

Why is it worth it?

We work with proven partners, thanks to whom we provide you with a whole range of benefits, including:

  • Access to Siemens updates and full application support

We are an active participant in the Siemens Solution Partner program . The implemented solutions are based on the latest version of TIA PORTAL or Simatic Manager in the case of older, modernized systems.

  • The latest industrial automation solutions from Allen Bradley

We are a licensee of the comprehensive AB TOOL KIT software package . We use the 24-hour Rockwell Automation application support and the Knowledge Base library.

Our extensive experience in creating systems based on industrial networks will allow us to easily adapt to your requirements, while ensuring their long-term and failure-free operation.

Industrial networks: integration of multiple communication interfaces

Our systems are adapted to the existing industrial communication infrastructure in the form of PROFIBUS, DEVICENET, CONTROLNET networks.

Moreover, we specialize in implementing modern industrial communication interfaces based on ETHERNET networks such as: PROFINET IO, ETHERNET IP, ETHERCAT.

We also provide full support related to the integration of many industrial communication interfaces (AS-i, IO-Link, RS-232, RS-485 and others), as well as devices from various manufacturers and areas of application.


Modern communication standard developed for automation and based on Industrial Ethernet. Creates the ability to easily expand the installation and protects the production during commissioning and significantly reduces maintenance costs.


Well-developed industrial-standard Ethernet communication with good real-time capabilities, designed for supervision and control of automation devices.


An open standard, primarily designed to control sensors and binary devices, such as switches. Enables an efficient transmission of power and signals with a single cable.


Connects controllers and control systems with sensors and actuators at the device level and enables simultaneous data exchange with visualization systems. Intended for use in distributed control and supervision systems.