TeamMeet the people who make up
our company

Since the establishment of SAICON, we have been building a culture of teamwork based on cooperation, trust, commitment and constant search for innovation.
We are a diverse, international team that raises the bar every day.
All of that is for our activities to ensure the highest quality of and bring specific results - counted in time savings, process efficiency and clean profits of our clients.

Together, we create an organization that is a safe and, above all, prospective workplace, giving great satisfaction and great opportunities for development.

We all make SAICONTogether, we solve challenges to deliver solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. 

Our strength lies in our team and in everyone’s commitment. We take care of a good atmosphere, we enjoy cooperation. 

We are friendly, support each other in solving problems, we inspire and willingly share the knowledge and experience gained in the implementation of various projects in many industries.

Michał Piechówka, Chairman of the Board

Our TeamsTEAMS


Comprehensive technical knowledge and acquaintance with project management principles are the key features of the team of experienced project managers who are responsible for the efficient and timely execution of all orders for clients. The task of the managers is to coordinate project activities and provide technical support to engineering teams. Thanks to the use of modern planning tools and agile methods of project management, the team always aims to achieve full project success.


Constant search for new, better technical solutions, and analysing potential design problems, is what distinguishes engineers who create systems control concepts. Thanks to precision and diligence of the team, customers receive complete electrical documentation based on applicable standards and current trends. Documentation is a pillar of the entire project. On its basis, orders are prepared, software is created and installations are built.


The engineers on the team deal with the design of software for PLC controllers and machine interface systems, such as HMI and SCADA operator panels. Then they test, validate and implement them - in the final commissioning process at the end customer. They also provide clients with full support in the field of training and consulting.


Skilled workers assembling both individual switch cabinets and highly complex control cabinets. Precision and technical knowledge are the hallmarks of our team, and the assembly procedures introduced ensure that their work runs efficiently, safely and on time.


Specialized engineers and technicians perform high-quality installation and assembly services.
They thoroughly analyse the previously prepared technical documentation and take into account the working conditions in production plants. Only on this basis they develop a precise assembly plan.


Our experienced team ensures the effective commissioning of machines and devices, as well as the comfort of clients' work during the installation works in their production plant. Commissioning is the introduction to the machine functional tests, which confirm that the guidelines for the nature of work and performance provided by the client have been met.


The team employees support production processes in the field of quality assurance - in accordance with our internal standards and the implemented ISO 9001 Quality Management System. They control the process of designing, manufacture of control cabinets and final assembly and commissioning of the system in customers' plants. All fault reports are monitored and analysed so that the delivered control systems are functional and reliable.
Chairman of the Board

Michał Piechówka

Team ManagersMANAGERS

Head of Operation
Radosław Rebicki
Head of Operations

Supervises the implementation of the company strategy, takes care of the timely implementation of projects for clients. Helps employees to develop, supports their activities at every level. A graduate of the Gdańsk University of Technology in the field of automation and robotics, holder of a certificate of quality management representative, specialist in the selection of technical solutions.

In private life, a fan of classic cars, off-road and team sports. In spare time, he devotes himself to his family and traveling together.

 Head of Project Management
Mirosław Bożek
Head of Project Management

Responsible for the efficient implementation of projects, precisely defining the schedules and the status of implementation, so that the projects are delivered on time and in line with customer requirements. Has gained extensive experience working in various positions in the industrial automation sector. He also actively supports sales, using the acquired experience and technical knowledge in contacts with clients.

After work has a passion for travelling, new technologies and motorization.

Head of Software Development
Łukasz Sobczak
Head of Software Development

More than a dozen years of experience definitely did not make him a typical programmer, because each PLC program prepared by him runs and validates by itself. At work often uses “out of the box” thinking. He is enthusiastic about new challenges and willingly shares his extensive knowledge.

Privately, rocks in the clouds at the controls of a glider. Husband and dad of two rascals, whom he infects with a passion for motorcycles.

Head of Electrical Design
Robert Kołakowski
Head of Electrical Design

Robert started working in the company as an electrician. Currently, he is managing the project team.

On a daily basis, he takes care of contact with the client, supervises the process of creating electrical documentation, develops and motivates his team, as well as follows market trends, adapting the latest solutions to projects.

In his free time, he develops his passions related to music production.

Head of Production
Tomasz Schröder
Head of Production

A graduate of the Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering. For over 20 years in the electrical industry. In the company, he is responsible for the proper production of electrical switchboards, as well as taking care of graduates and trainees from electrical schools.

In private life, a happy husband and father of four. In his spare time, he spends his time cycling and hiking in nature.