Railway sleepers transport system


Created for a leading manufacturer operating in the railway infrastructure industry.


Ensuring work continuity and safety.


Delivery of an automated system using Siemens controllers.


Enabling uninterrupted transport – even in the most difficult conditions (from -25°C to 40°C).

Implementation details

Our solution consists of an automatic trolley and a set of heavy-duty conveyors. The conveyors transport predefined sets of sleepers from the production line to the trolley, which are ready to be picked up by the crane.

Due to various (often very demanding) working conditions – the structure of the external trolley has been designed to meet IP65 tightness standards. As a result, it allows trouble-free operation at temperatures from -25°C to 40°C.

The control system was designed in accordance with the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The risk analysis itself was carried out using the RISK SCORE method – taking into account the identified threats.


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