Electrical and mechanical assembly of industrial automation systemsChoose the services of experienced professionals who will ensure the quality and reliability of your projectASSEMBLY

We provide comprehensive support in the field of installation, assembly, engineering and implementation services for industrial automation systems.

We have experience in working in domestic and international environments, so that we provide mechanical and electrical assembly even in the most demanding projects.

Mechanical and electrical assemly: How will SAICON keep your business running?

The main subject of our activity is the implementation of industrial automation systems.

We successfully carry out comprehensive projects, as well as deal with individual stages of work in the field of:

installation of cable trays
installation and connection of control cabinets
network systems
electrical measurements
Let's carry out your project together!

Electrical and mechanical systems installation ASSEMBLY OF CONTROL SYSTEMS

What can you expect?

Detailed planning

We carefully analyse and plan each step carefully. All this to ensure that the entire installation process runs smoothly and does not cause additional downtime.

Experienced team

The assembly process is supervised by a group of qualified specialists. They make sure that everything goes according to plan and that the entire installation process runs smoothly.

Ongoing support

You can order single assembly or use our support for a long time. Whenever you need it.

Industrial automation systems assembly services:

Why is it worth it?

The combination of many years of experience and rich competences will provide you with a number of benefits, the most important of which are:

  • quick implementation and minimization of downtime
  • professional assembly – ensuring long and efficient operation of the automation
  • flexible approach – allowing to implement smaller and more complex projects