How do we operate?Check how we work

Choose the form of support your company needs.
You can choose professional consulting, control cabinet construction services or entrust us with comprehensive care of the entire implementation.


Consulting and design
Consulting and design
  • We deliver value in the form of proven knowledge.
  • We focus on open communication that allows to understand your needs and adjust the corresponding solutions.
Implementation of ready systems
Implementation of ready systems
  • We implement turnkey investments, dealing with all aspects of system integration.
  • We carry out analyses, develop solutions, implement, run and provide 24/7 long-term support throughout the entire life cycle of the system.
Construction of control cabinets
Construction of control cabinets
  • We create durable and reliable products responsible for the efficient operation of entire systems.
  • We do it based on proven know-how and solid components from tested suppliers.

How we do it? OUR PROCESS



We start each cooperation with careful listening and understanding your needs.

This way, you will receive a personalized offer, tailored to the nature and expectations of your company.

Project management

We will precisely plan the work at every stage of the project.

We will provide comprehensive support in such areas as: planning, resource organization, management and monitoring, as well as the finalization of all works.
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We will design a complete electrical installation with a detailed instruction manual.


We will program an efficient control system, adapted to your standards, which will ensure your company continuous growth and safety.
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We produce control cabinets based on the latest global components.

Quality control

The entire process of designing, programming, production of control cabinets as well as final assembly and commissioning of the system will be subject to our internal procedures that are in line with the implemented ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
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Installation and commissioning

We provide comprehensive support in the field of installation, assembly, engineering and implementation services for industrial automation control systems.

We plan the entire installation process so that it runs smoothly and does not cause additional downtime.

24/7 service

We will be at your disposal whenever there is a problem with the control system.

We’ll get your report, analyse the problem, and then fix it quickly.

As part of the services, we also offer you constant service support, both during the warranty period and after its end.

Efficient control system

The result of our work will be a reliable system that will contribute to even better use of the potential hidden in your company.

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Solutions driven by creativity and passion

A holistic approach to create solutions for our clients has been with us from the very beginning of our company. It made us able to offer a comprehensive solution from a single source.
When creating solutions, we pay great attention to ensuring that all elements are perfectly matched, providing customers with full modularity and compatibility. Thanks to this, we are able to help our clients at every level of their company's development and react without delay to any changing conditions.

Thanks to a holistic view of our clients' needs, we provide above-standard control systems that allow us to build added value in the form of interdisciplinary benefits, such as:
increase of production efficiency
cost reduction
product quality improvement
collection of additional production data
development of subsequent optimizations