Design and production of control cabinetsEquip your plant with durable, safe and efficient control cabinets


We design and manufacture reliable control cabinets. We can deliver them either as an integral part of our comprehensive control system, or assemble them independently based on the diagrams you provide us.

We optimize control cabinets in terms of dimensions, and use the space inside effectively.

Designs of control cabinets:
what support will you receive from SAICON?

We work comprehensively – from design, through production, delivery, assembly and commissioning of a finished control cabinet.

So far, we have designed and built hundreds of control cabinets that are used by Polish and foreign customers.

In production, we use the latest components from recognized global manufacturers that ensure high-quality workmanship.
Let's carry out your project together!

Design and construction of control cabinetsCONTROL CABINETS

What do you gain from our services?

Tailored designs

We produce them in our own production hall adjacent to the design office. Thanks to this, we have the possibility of quick consultation with design engineers, and flexible response to the changing conditions of the contract.

High quality

Each cabinet is manufactured based on proven and reliable materials. Before it reaches the customer - is thoroughly tested and undergoes a series of tests to check its functionality.

Quick and easy operation

Each element (wire, cable, device) has a unique ID number. It allows easy identification of connections and components, and thus - a quick response in case of any problems.

Compliance with standards

We take into account all requirements for heat release and dissipation. We apply practical approach for field cables and keep an eye on the separation of cables and wires.

Design and production of control cabinets:

Why is it worth it?

  • Optimal use of the available space

We take care of order, so that our control cabinets are optimized in terms of dimensions.

  • High level of security and efficiency

We create them from proven components. This increases their reliability, which is the basic factor influencing the functioning of the entire plant.

  • Comprehensive approach

In addition to supplying control cabinets alone – we are happy to undertake more complex and demanding projects.