Automatic packaging and palletizing system

Made for a leading manufacturer in the packaging industry.


Increasing the safety and efficiency of the warehouse operation.


Implementation of a comprehensive and easy-to-use warehouse management system – based on 68 Siemens S7-1500F drives and controllers (1516F-3 PN/DP).


Improving the migration of transported goods and increasing the line capacity by as much as 100%.

Implementation details

Our client has been given access to a convenient interface, which enables him to order packaging of any selected types and number of bales.

The system includes operations such as: picking up a bale of paper, transporting to the wrapping machine, storing on pallets taken from the warehouse (in a given configuration), as well as transporting the pallets directly to the next wrapping machine.

As part of our work, we also dealt with the creation of an advanced security system based on scanners, cameras, mats and other necessary devices.