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Over the years, we have built a culture of service, teamwork and organizational innovation, thanks to which we create attractive workplaces - with a unique atmosphere and virtually unlimited development opportunities.
Who if not you?

If, like us, you follow trends, are inspired by the progress of technology, follow the challenges posed by the industry 4.0, act flexibly and effectively, join us!

What makes us unique?

We are a close-knit, highly qualified and experienced team of engineers,
programmers and project managers.

Each of us is an individualist who shares a passion for automation.

For us, the greatest value of the company are its employees
and the values they bring to everyday work.

Why is it worth it?

Friendly and open work environment

We create it on the basis of such values as: community, mutual dependence between team members, respect and trust.

Focus on development and expansion of competences

We enjoy our work because it gives us a lot of joy in being able to create solutions that exceed the expected level, and thus - continuous learning and acquiring new skills.

Excellent employment conditions

We provide a very competitive salary and a number of benefits that make working with us not only pleasant, but also very profitable.

In the process of improving the organizational culture of our company, we put great emphasis on building our team’s commitment through open communication and clearly defining short-term goals.

This way, each of us knows how much effort should be put in order to collectively enjoy the increasing growth of our company, more efficient customer service, greater team productivity and lower employee turnover.

Undoubtedly, this is due to each employee who – by identifying with our company’s mission and goals – contributes to the development of internal structures, processes and project management methods. In this way, each of us also contributes to the creation of internal organizational innovation in our company.

Michał Piechówka, CEO

What our employees say about us?WE ABOUT OURSELVES

We form a committed group and the vast majority of us recommend SAICON as a good place to work. We understand and know the company's strategy, we help each other, even if this help goes beyond the scope of duties.

I have been associated with SAICON for several years. I work in production, assembling control cabinets. I also travel abroad, to the premises of the company’s clients, to install cable trays, electrical installations, attach cabinets, motors, and maintain equipment. Therefore, the work is varied. I can always rely on the support of my colleagues. I also share my knowledge with new colleagues.


I have been working at SAICON for 3 years. In the design department, we form a good team focused on continuous development. I work on various projects constantly learning something new. I can always rely on the support of experienced colleagues from my department and other teams. In addition, the positive atmosphere in the office makes my work a combination of pleasure and usefulness.

EPLAN Designer

In the company, I support the HR and accounting team. My tasks are related to the settlement of business trips of our employees. While learning the processes and procedures, I encountered a professional approach and help from colleagues. A big plus is the respect for labour law provisions in every possible aspect of ​​employment, the principles of equality, as well as the friendly atmosphere created by the entire team.

HR and Accounting Specialist

It is impossible to feel bored at SAICON. The work provides a lot of challenges and we carry out interesting projects. Thanks to this, each of us gains comprehensive experience and is constantly developing. Kindly minded people, always ready to help, create a friendly working atmosphere. The employer has a flexible approach to the employee and appreciates his work paying remuneration at a very good level.

Project Manager

I can confidently say that so far it has been the best company I have ever work for. Dynamically developing, with interesting projects. I perform my daily duties with great commitment and willingness to improve my skills. The employer cares about employees, foreign projects are well paid, we have good living conditions, and colleagues are very helpful and friendly.


The best thing about SAICON is that you work with passionate people who are willing to take up challenges. I like that I can work with people from all over the world and from different cultures who are dedicated and enjoy their work. In addition, the company offers me wide opportunities for internal development, I can implement many interesting projects, and colleagues with more experience willingly share their knowledge.

PLC Programmer

During the internship, I was able to get to know the practical aspect of knowledge presented at the university, as well as learn other issues needed in marketing. I was also able to use my hobby – photography to help the company create a website. At the same time, the atmosphere in the company was very friendly and you could count on the support of employees at any time.



This is how you work with us

Together, we build a friendly workplace that gives us the possibility of continuous development and implementation of various projects.
We share knowledge by internal trainings conducted by employees for each other; we also participate in external training. Friendly managerial staff makes decisions efficiently.
We do not have a dress code and we are all on a first name basis.

See our job offersJOB OFFERS

We offer stable employment under an employment contract, subsidies for Multisport cards, finance for learning foreign languages, trainings and courses, group insurance, free parking, employee referral program, as well as delicious coffee, milk and a wide selection of teas for everyone.
  • Designing automation systems (Eplan P8 2.3 to 2.9)
  • Selection and completion of technical solutions in the field of automation systems and electrical installations
  • Participation in carrying out automation projects in various industries
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in designing automation systems
  • Ability to use the Eplan P8 system (certificate is welcome) and to read technical documentation
  • Familiarity with low voltage equipment
  • SEP E+D up to 1kV, familiarity with UL standards, current regulations and standards and command of German language are welcome
  • Programming PLC controllers, HMI systems
  • Participation in the process of launching production lines and machines
  • Determining technical parameters with customers
  • Practical knowledge of programming PLCs and operator panels - Siemens or Allen Bradley
  • Familiarity with issues related to the machine safety
  • Command of English or German allowing to contact customers and read technical documentation
  • Electrical installation work
  • Electrical assembly of LV switchgears
  • Participation in the process of implementation and commissioning of new production lines at the end customer
  • Practical ability to use technical documentation
  • Readiness for business trips in Europe
  • Experience in working with the installation of industrial automation systems is welcome

Recruitment process

We do not have fixed rules and recruitment time. They depend on the position you are applying for, e.g. on the technical requirements for the position, command of a foreign language, as well as the number of submitted applications, which we thoroughly analyse.

The average recruitment time is from 2 to 3 weeks (from contacting selected candidates until signing the contract).


Send You CV!

Send your application to the job offer you are interested in. If we are not currently looking for employees, you can leave your CV in our database by filling out the form below.

CV selection

We verify the submitted CV in terms of meeting the necessary requirements for a given position. So read carefully what kind of experience we expect from you and highlight it in your CV.

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Contact number

If your CV interested us, we will contact you by phone and invite you to an interview at our headquarters.


The conversation with you will be conducted by the CEO and the Team Manager – your potential supervisor. We would like to know your professional experience and knowledge required for a given position. We might also ask you to solve short tasks to check your competences. It is also an opportunity to get to know each other.

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Decision to select a candidate

We will contact the person who is best suited to our team and who we want to hire, and we will present a job offer.

Signing a contract with the employer

The last step is to negotiate the offer and sign a contract with a new employer.

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Contact with other candidates

If we do not offer you a job offer, we will certainly provide you with feedback.

Welcome on board!

In the first days you will be familiarized with the rules in force in our company, trained and prepared to safely perform your duties.

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