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We are a proven integrator of control systems.
We provide comprehensive systems, tools and other solutions for the automation of production processes used by customers all over the world.

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Control systems integrator

We are a group of specialists focused on providing reliable solutions in the field of production automation.

We create and implement comprehensive and transparent control systems to automate industrial machines and production lines.


Based on advanced engineering expertise and the highest level of service,
we exceed customer expectations by creating comprehensive and innovative solutions.


Regardless of whether we operate remotely, directly at the customer's site or as part of maintenance work over the entire service life of the systems, the culture of partnership cooperation and service come first.

The pillars on which our activity is based are:

  • From the first contact with the client, we are focused on his needs.
  • We listen actively to provide tailored automation solutions that offer a maximum level of benefits.
  • We engage in the implementation of tasks as if we were part of our clients' team.
  • We are happy to share our knowledge and we are happy when, thanks to our commitment, the client succeeds in his business.
  • We place importance on open communication, which is the basis of our business.
  • We talk honestly with our clients at every stage of the project. Always on time and always in accordance with applicable ethical, social and business standards.
  • We are happy to be able to implement systems that exceed the expected level.
  • We like to surprise with an innovative approach to challenges, which is enshrined in our daily motto "You say impossible, we say done!".

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Our standardsSTANDARDS

Quality Policy

The adopted Quality Policy obliges us to build a positive image of our company in relations with clients. We achieve this by reliably meeting their requirements and obtaining the opinion of a credible business partner.
Our goal is to constantly improve the qualifications of employees and create a workplace that ensures development and satisfaction.
We are convinced that thanks to this attitude, we are ready to offer our clients solutions that surpass their expectations, which contributes to the growth of our competitiveness and building a stable market position.

ISO 9001:2015

We have implemented the Quality Management System for our processes to be optimal, support the implementation of the company's strategy, contribute to ensuring its proper organizational functions, improve the organizational culture, and to meet the requirements of our clients.
We treat it as a tool for continuous improvement of effectiveness and efficiency.
The ISO 900:2015 certificate applies to such areas as: design, production, assembly, commissioning and service of automation systems and industrial devices.

Solution Partner

Many years of cooperation with a global manufacturer of control systems, expert knowledge in the field of Siemens' product portfolio and systems, as well as its versatile application in solutions for our customers.
All of that resulted in our company joining the Siemens partner program.
We have received the highest global certificate of solution supplier in the field of industrial automation and drive technology - based on Siemens products and systems.

Certified Machinery Safety Expert

Our employees are distinguished by wide qualifications that enable a comprehensive approach to the issue of machine safety throughout their entire life cycle.
Starting from risk analysis, through the development of safety concepts, to the final introduction of lines and machines to commercial trading.