Consulting on industrial automation systemsReach for the support and knowledge of experienced industry expertsCONSULTING

We analyse, advise and present ready-made solutions that eliminate problems and challenges, as well as improve the functioning of your company.

We promote open communication that allows to understand the possibilities and expectations and joint efforts to achieve the set goal.

Consulting: How will you solve with SAICON the challenges of your production system?

We provide comprehensive consulting on the selection of effective strategies and control system solutions used by your company.

Are you planning a new investment or want to expand existing production lines?

Our specialists will cooperate with your team to fully understand the expected conditions and current production mechanisms. They will help you to analyse the problem, prepare a concept of the control system taking into account your requirements.

After a meticulous analysis and defining the terms of project, we will provide you with a detailed proposal for a comprehensive solution including mechanics, electrical design, control system with a detailed implementation plan. You will receive a work schedule along with a budget.

Our specializations are:

supporting our clients' business
streamlining and improving production and organizational processes
increasing the production efficiency and profitability of the organization
cost optimization of control systems
Let's carry out your project together!

Consulting in the field of industrial automation

What can you expect?

Personalized offer

We precede our work by carrying out a series of studies and thorough research of your business.
This makes our services 100% tailored to the nature and expectations of your company.

Experienced team

The analysis and all advisory activities are carried out by a group of specialized experts. Thanks to this, you know that the proposed solutions are not only proven and practical, but most of all - they will provide you with real benefits.

Holistic approach

We go far beyond the standard framework of consulting services. We do not only focus on "a slice" of the business. Instead, we take into account the entire spectrum of dependencies and areas that may affect its future condition.

Consulting offer:

Why is it worth it?

Our services will allow you to:

  • eliminate problems that inhibit the functioning and development of the company
  • reduce costs and fully use the potential of the entire enterprise
  • plan the next steps, thanks to which your company will achieve even more

In our advisory offer you will find activities that will give you support in the business and technical area throughout the entire life cycle of the investment. Our specialists will help you analyse your investment needs and propose an optimal system development strategy in the production area.

Fulfilling client’s requests on the go
Manufacturing the product
Finishing upon requested time