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We carry out comprehensive projects in areas related to intralogistics control systems.

Our solutions offer the highest quality and efficiency ensuring the optimization of intralogistics tasks in your company.

Warehouse automation and production logistics: how will you work with SAICON to solve the challenges of your warehouse system?

Together we will look into the future and find tailored solutions that will save costs and time. We provide all the services necessary in this process – consulting, implementation and service.

SAICON solutions optimize the flow of goods in warehouse systems:

proven solutions increase the efficiency and reliability of internal transport lines
material tracking and determination of efficiency will never be your problem again
reliable internal transport systems, launched by SAICON, will ensure the effective use of the production potential

Our specializations in internal transport systems:

The range of our services includes:

  • Pallet and heavy cargo transport systems
  • Automatic tire transport systems
  • Packages / boxes / e-commerce transport systems
  • Sorters
  • AGVs ARS
  • ASRS warehouse systems
  • Automatic palletizing and packaging systems

If you want to optimize intralogistics tasks in your company, use our services.
Conveyor Systems

Pallets transport

Tyres transport


E-commerce boxes

ASRS warehouses

According to the client's expectations
Production of system components
Delivery and commissioning
Meeting the required deadlines
A reliable system of the highest quality

Warehouse automation and production logistics:

Why is it worth it?

Our solutions let you:

  • optimize all processes in the warehouse,
  • improve the speed and efficiency of the flow of goods in the warehouse
  • every day the flow of goods will be more efficient, without downtime and with the maximum reduction of bottlenecks,
  • use the storage space more efficiently, which means lower storage costs,
  • shorten the time of order fulfilment when issuing them, so that your customers will receive their products faster.

Thanks to automation, you will reduce the number of human errors and increase the safety of people and goods.

Excellence built by passion and experience

Thanks to our many years of experience in providing complementary solutions in the field of internal transport systems, leading suppliers choose SAICON as a partner to implement intralogistics systems.
Design and programming 100%
Assembly and commissioning100%