Visualization and design of production linesAccelerate and improve the implementation process in your companyMODELLING

We provide modelling and simulation of production processes, which allows to avoid costly mistakes, and at the same time reduces the time needed to design and start up ready-made lines.

Thanks to the modelling and simulation of production processes, we can create entire lines that are used by our PLC programmers to carry out the virtual commissioning process. This solution significantly speeds up the process of implementing production automation systems at our clients’ facilities.

Production line designs: how will SAICON help your business?

Our clients often face the problems of the lack of assumed performance.

Considering the fact that identifying the source of these troubles in a traditional way may be expensive, and also temporarily constrain the normal functioning of companies – we propose an innovative visualization.

In such situations, we do a thorough audit and, on the basis of the developed and provided data, we prepare a model with a simulation based on genetic algorithms.

At the final stage, a detailed report will be prepared with a description of the developed and calculated solutions.

The use of production modelling techniques along with the simulation of entire processes also applies to the verification of ideas and concepts for plant modernization. Our clients very often already have some modernization ideas, but at this stage it is difficult to verify their reasonability and profitability.
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Designing production linesAUTOMATION SUPPORT

What can you get?

Experienced team of experts

We delegate the best - perfectly qualified specialists to work on our clients' projects.
They guarantee that the results will become a solid basis for further analyses and implementation of effective solutions.

Modern and efficient systems

In our work, we use Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation - the best environment on the market to simulate processes in production and entire factories.
Thanks to this, we create real simulations that perfectly reflect the actual situation of our clients.

Concrete and measurable effects

Our projects are very precise and reliable.
This allows the data we provide to increase the competitiveness, efficiency and reliability of many enterprises.

Design and visualization of production lines:

Why is it worth it?

As part of our activities, we carry out a virtual commissioning enabling to avoid most of errors that occur already at the stage of conceptual assumptions of automation systems.

We also deal with process simulation consisting in analysis of all possible scenarios and preparation of reports with conclusions.

As a result, our activities allow us to eliminate errors, make deliberate decisions, and significantly accelerate the processes of specific implementations.

Digital TwinSoftwareEmulate3DPLANT SIMULATION

Emulate3D develops Dynamic Digital Twin software for virtual commissioning, throughput simulation, and industrial demonstration