Siemens Solution Partner

November 3, 2021

In October 2021, we participated in a training renewing our participation in the SIEMENS Solution Partner program. After two intensive days, during which could not only refresh our knowledge about the existing SIEMENS products, but also learn about new solutions, we still have a mandate to provide comprehensive solutions in the field of automation of production processes based on SIEMENS solutions.

Our long-term cooperation with a global manufacturer of control systems, expert knowledge in the field of SIEMENS ‘product portfolio and systems, as well as its versatile application in solutions for our customers – all this meant that we have been a participant of the SIEMENS Solution Partner program for several years. Granting us the highest global certificate of a supplier of industrial automation and technology solutions proves a great trust in our know-how, quality and competence of our team.


The partnership with SIEMENS brings many benefits:

– based on close interaction of our know-how for industrial applications

– with SIEMENS experience in the field of products and systems

We can jointly create and provide our clients with individual solutions that exceed their expectations, building a clear competitive advantage in the market.