SAICON supports the 8th Ladies in RED Gala – 3rd edition “OnkoKOBIETA – OnkoWCZASY” (OnkoWoman – OnkoHoliday)

August 25, 2021

Sometimes it happens that certain situations come up on our way that we cannot pass by insensibly. Noticing the needs of another human being, his desires, as well as hardship and struggle with everyday challenges, show that nothing lasts forever, nothing is the same forever. At any moment in our lives, we can find ourselves in circumstances that at first glance may seem like a hopeless situation. And it would be much more difficult to overcome but for the help of people of good will, with open hearts and faith they give to those in need.

Maria Gotkiewicz, the initiator of the project OnkoKOBIETA, told us about the idea of ​​supporting those in need, namely oncology patients. This year, OnkoWCZASY is the support for women who had an oncological disease or are receiving treatment. It is not only a rest in the bosom of nature at the Nowy Jantar – Natural Medicine Centre, but also a dose of a motivating, positive and practical knowledge in the form of workshops and lectures. OnkoWCZASY is also an energy pill, the purpose of which is to help with return to normal functioning after a difficult period of the disease.

Our company decided to fund a stay for one of the ladies, thus becoming her Angel. During the Gala, on July 11, we randomly selected an extraordinary woman, Ms Monika Płaneta-Fijołek, who was hit by the news of breast cancer with lymph node metastasis on Easter 2017. Ms Monika, having a 4-year-old daughter at the time, less than a year after getting married and a few months after starting work, thought after the first chemotherapy treatment that it would be impossible, that it was the end … But she did it, as did each of the ladies who shared her story during the gala. Ms Monika took a task-oriented approach to fighting the disease – from chemistry to chemistry, from surgery to subsequent treatment, radiotherapy, until recovery.

Each of the ladies’ story taught one most important lesson – do not put life on the side, because it has no expiry date. Chase the dreams, because life goes on here and now, because you may not have the opportunity to do it later. And on the one hand, it is a pity that the ladies came to such conclusions after they fell ill, but on the other hand, without the disease, they would still be in a life that did not fully satisfy them because they had no room to fulfil themselves.

After healing, Ms Monika decided to make her dreams come true. She opened FijuMiju studio, which she has always dreamed of, and sews bags, mainly of Washpapa – a paper made of impregnated cellulose fibers, making the bag waterproof, durable and 100% vegetable.

It feels good to be an Angel for such a positive and energetic Woman!